TrueCommerce OneTimeTM combines Business Activity Monitoring with benchmarking, trend analysis and management reports to provide you with a complete view of your electronic trading activities.

Business Activity Monitoring and Alerts

The OneTime Business Activity Monitor allows you to specify the performance metrics and exception conditions that will help you to ensure that the right products are delivered to your customers at the right time. A performance metric might be as simple as the number of orders not shipped on time today or the number of short deliveries this week.

Alerts can be defined to notify key personnel of exceptions via email, SMS or the OneTime Dashboards. For example, an alert could notify an Account Manager if a key customer order has not been received by the daily cut-off time.

The Activity Monitor analyses each piece of information as it enters the OneTime hub, updating the performance metrics and issuing alerts in real time. The end result is an accurate real-time view of business activity, performance and potential problems.


OneTime provides a portfolio of dashboard components that help you manage and monitor your electronic trading hub, your customer service levels and your supplier performance. These components can be configured and used in any combination to build personalised dashboards that meet the specific requirements of individual users or groups of users; and because those dashboards are delivered as part of the TrueCommerce hosted service, they can easily be made available to your customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Easy access to information, with notifications of exceptions as they occur, helps you to proactively meet customer requirements and service level agreements. OneTime dashboards support collaboration with your suppliers to help optimise the flow of goods into your business.

  • View orders that are due today but not shipped, allowing you to notify the customer or take other corrective action.
  • Display the daily total value and quantity of orders received as those orders arrive.
  • View key operational metrics such as average time to acknowledge an order or average time between shipment and invoice.
  • Set and monitor targets to identify areas for process improvement.

Hardware and Software Requirements

There aren’t any. TrueCommerce OneTime is delivered as a hosted service. You, your business leaders, authorised customers and suppliers all have easy access to information and exception alerts from anywhere in the world. A web browser and internet connection are all that is required.

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