Have you been asked to trade with a customer using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and have no idea what is required? We can help…..

We provide an EDI managed service where a team of specialists look after all EDI issues on your behalf, for a transparent, fixed annual fee. What more, there will be no hardware, software or maintenance requirements.

EDI allows you to exchange electronic versions of business documents such as orders and invoices with your customers and suppliers, in a format that allows them to be automatically imported in to accounting and order management applications, removing the need for keying.

For businesses that only need to manage low volumes of orders and invoices, the quickest and easiest way to meet your customers’ EDI requirements is to use the TrueCommerce web portal, OneTime. This allows you to use a web browser to view, print, acknowledge and ship orders, create invoices and track all of your EDI activity. We configure OneTime for you so that it meets the specific requirements of your customers, both in terms of the types of documents required and the associated validation rules.

If your invoice and order volumes make a portal solution impractical, we can work with you to interface your order management and financial applications with TrueCommerce, automating the exchange of the required information. We’ll manage connectivity to your customers and convert messages between your preferred format and the format required by your customers.

  • A full feature portal allows you to meet your customers’ requirements, with support for orders, shipments, pallet labels, invoices, credits, debits, statements and remittance advices. Read     more >
  • Our integrated messaging platform assures delivery of any message type to any location. Read more >
  • Used by hundreds of suppliers to exchange EDI documents with all major grocery retailers, builders’ merchants and many other types of organisation.

We can also help you utilise EDI with your suppliers, warehouse providers and haulage companies.

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