We recognise that your requirements differ depending on a number of factors including your IT capabilities and resources, who you need to trade with and what messages you need to exchange. Our range of services are designed to meet the individual needs of your business.




Replace paper and PDF invoices with electronic versions that can be imported to accounts payable applications, removing keying. Read more


Using EDI with your suppliers

Streamline the exchange and processing of commercial documents, reduce lead times and measure performance. Read more


Using EDI with your customers

Easily meet your customers’ EDI requirements with our managed EDI service, whilst concentrating on your core competences. Read more


The OneTime Portal

An easy-to-use web portal gets you up and running with EDI in no time, without the requirement of an interface to your order processing and finance systems. Read more


B2B Integration

Do you need more than just EDI? Our hosted service is built upon a full-feature B2B platform that you can be used for many integration projects. Read more


Managed Service

We make EDI easier. We’ll set up and test EDI interfaces between you and your partners, convert messages to required formats, and monitor the minute-by-minute operation of your EDI service. Read more