Do you have a team of people manually processing and approving your suppliers’ invoices? Are your accounts payable team inundated with invoice queries?

  • Reduce the time and costs of processing invoices
  • Enable decisions to be made on early settlement discounts
  • Comply with legal and tax requirements

TrueCommerce’s electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) service allows you to replace paper and PDF invoices from all suppliers with electronic equivalents. This removes the need for you to scan or key invoices, improving accuracy and reducing processing time and costs.

Accounts Payable Automation

Your suppliers send electronic invoices to the TrueCommerce service where they are validated and converted to a format that can easily be imported in to your accounts payable application. A wide range of invoice formats are supported, including XML, CSV, EDI, and application-specific formats as used by Sage, SAP, Navision and many others.

All Inclusive

TrueCommerce’s hosted e-invoicing service makes B2B easy for your suppliers regardless of their technical capabilities, allowing you to include all suppliers in your e-invoicing initiative. Your suppliers can send invoices to the TrueCommerce service in one of three ways:

1. By sending electronic invoices directly from their accounts payable application.

2. By sending a PDF invoice as an attachment to an email. Read more >

3. By using the invoice creation facilities in the TrueCommerce OneTime portal to key an invoice, or to convert an order, shipment, or receipt in to an invoice.

A wide range of invoice formats are available to your suppliers, including XML, CSV, EDI, and application-specific formats as used by Sage, SAP, Navision and many others. The TrueCommerce hosted e-invoicing service converts messages from your suppliers’ format to your accounts payable format.

Rule Based Invoice Validation

Invoices are optionally validated against the purchase order, shipment, and receipt, helping to improve invoice match rates and reduce the time required to clear invoices for payment. TrueCommerce’s e-invoicing platform provides complete flexibility in terms of invoice validation, with rules configured for each supplier or type of supplier. The action to be taken when an invoice fails validation can also be defined for each supplier or supplier type, with invoices being accepted with an email warning to the supplier, held for review or rejected. Suppliers are automatically notified of invoice validation failures. Read more >

Supplier Portal

The web portal provides suppliers with information regarding the status of their invoices, helping to reduce the number of invoice queries your team receives. Read more >


Legislative and tax requirements are supported for 40+ countries with invoice storage and archiving to meet the requirements of the relevant tax authorities.

Fully Managed/Hosted

We offer a hosted e-invoicing service with no hardware or software in your environment. Our 24×7 service desk is available to you and your suppliers, with a team of experts that monitor TrueCommerce platform and the delivery and processing of your transactional data, managing any issues. We manage the entire implementation and onboarding process, using proven methodology, thereby removing risk. Read more >


TrueCommerce’s managed service enables you to easily expand upon e-invoicing and transfer other documents electronically, such as ASNs, receipts and forecasts. Further information can be found here.