Do you have suppliers that are unable to send electronic invoices directly from their accounts payable application? Or perhaps due to higher volumes suppliers are reluctant to create invoices using a web portal? TrueCommerce’s e-invoicing service supports the processing of PDF invoices, enabling all of your suppliers to be included in your accounts payable automation project.

Suppliers can send PDF invoices to the TrueCommerce service in one of three ways:

  1. By sending them to an email address from their accounts payable application.
  2. By manually attaching them to emails.
  3. By uploading them to TrueCommerce’s OneTime web portal.

TrueCommerce’s OCR module converts PDF invoices in to a standard XML document. Once the PDF has been converted it is processed using the same transformation, translation and validation rules that are applied to all electronic invoices. An optional extra step can be applied where the supplier can review and if required correct OCR invoices before they are sent to the customer.

If suppliers elect to review OCR invoices or if invoices are invalid and fail the validation rules, the supplier receives an email informing them that the invoice is ready for review. The supplier will then log on to the TrueCommerce portal to review or correct the invoice, after which the invoices are converted to a format supported by the customer’s accounts payable application and sent for processing. Invoices that pass all validation rules are automatically converted and sent for processing.

PDF invoice processing combines the convenience of electronic messaging with the benefit of real-time validation typically only available through e-invoicing.

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