The OneTime web portal is a full-feature order processing and invoicing application to allow businesses to participate in EDI initiatives without the requirement of an interface to their order processing and finance systems.

The web portal also allows you to view and track the flow of messages. You can however be assured that our Managed Service Desk perform this monitoring for you, ensuring messages are always delivered on time.

  • If you are a small business who is new to EDI, web EDI is a good starting point. The web portal allows you to be up and running very quickly, with minimal effort. Read more >


  • If your EDI is integrated with your business systems, the web portal allows you to view and trace every EDI message you send or receive. Read more >


  • If you use, or plan to use, EDI with your suppliers the portal allows you to offer web based EDI as an option, enabling you to include all suppliers in your initiative, regardless of their capabilities. Read more >


TrueCommerce’s B2B service also supports the exchange of business information directly from your back office system. Read more about Integrated EDI >