• Fully managed transition and onboarding
  • Seamless migration – no disruption to your trading relationships
  • Agreed project timeline and milestone targets

Switching to a new EDI provider can appear to be a daunting task. How do you move all of your customers and suppliers to a new service without disrupting their business and yours?

We’ve done this many times, for businesses large and small, who wanted to move away from an ageing EDI platform to a modern B2B managed service. As part of our service, we manage the complete transition process for you. We’ll replicate your trading partners’ current message types, message formats, and connectivity, making the move seamless for you, your customers and your suppliers.

Why move to TrueCommerce?

We make B2B easier. You connect to our hosted service using your preferred connection type and send us your B2B transactions in the message formats that suit you. We’ll convert those messages to the format required by each of your customers and suppliers, connect using their preferred methods and deliver those messages for you. What’s more, we’ll validate all messages and monitor their delivery, taking appropriate corrective action should issues arise.

• No hardware or software required in your environment

• Support for all communication methods, all transaction types, and all message formats, including EDI variants, XML, ERP specific formats, and others

• A proactive Managed Service Desk monitors the delivery of all messages and takes appropriate corrective action

• Fixed annual fee


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